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Hello! I'm Emily!

“How much you eat at a single meal has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good friend, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, thinker, worker, citizen or overall human. Nothing you consume will ever diminish how valuable you are in those areas that count so much more.”


Philosophy & Approach 

As a ‘reformed’ weight-centric dietitian, I realized early in my career that the work
I am passionate about isn’t about changing bodies, it’s about changing
relationships- relationships with food, bodies, and our internal dialogue about
how we approach health as a whole.  I am a rule breaker by nature, so I don’t
subscribe to any one nutrition ‘school of thought.’  Rather, I listen to my clients,
ask a lot of questions, and consider what each person needs as an individual. I
believe that every person’s path to food freedom and body liberation looks
different, and I treat our relationship as a partnership to determine the unique
route that will bring you closer to your personal aspirations.

Things you should know about me

I’m an enneagram 3 (The Achiever!), an extroverted introvert, and a Leo, so
when I’m not working you can find me listening to podcasts while organizing for
fun (seriously!), pruning my window boxes, shopping, and going on walks to my
favorite coffee shops and bakeries. While I do hold firm boundaries when
needed, I don’t take myself too seriously and I love to use humor and be silly
when it’s appropriate. To lighten things up in session, I’m always happy to take a
break to discuss the latest pop culture news or dive deep into Taylor Swift’s
catalogue (Swifties, I’m your girl!). I am a proud South Philly dweller and live with
my husband, my toddler daughter (so truly most of my time is spent chasing her
around!), and my beloved cat, Prince Harry.

Education, Community Involvement, & Activism 

I graduated from the University of Delaware (go Blue Hens!) with a degree in
Dietetics and have my Masters in Health Education from St. Joe’s University.  My
Dietetic Internship was completed through Sodexo in Pennsylvania. I am a
member of the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP).

We’d be a good fit if… 

…you are looking for a relaxed and down to earth provider who will tailor each
session to your needs and may infuse a bit of humor along the way.  I believe
that connection is healing, so I value the relationships I have with each of my
clients and strive to build a safe space for any human who walks through my
‘virtual’ door.   I’ve worked in higher levels of care for eating disorders, so I am
comfortable holding firm boundaries while being a gentle source of support for
eating disorder recovery.  I’m also the mom of a toddler with a background in
pediatric nutrition, so I enjoy working with perinatal folks, breastfeeding/
chestfeeding caregivers, and parents who want to ensure that they are fostering
a positive food environment in the home.


If you're interested in working together, please reach out!

(484) 709-1163

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