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Welcome to Liberated Plate Nutrition Therapy

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Our Mission

You've probably heard it before. Healing your relationship with food, body, and self is not a linear journey. It is messy, uncomfortable, challenging, and deeply rewarding. While there is no one clear path, here is how Liberated Plate approaches the work of food and body healing.

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Building Relationship

Healing happens in the presence of empathy and secure relationships. We are here to validate your lived experiences, to tell you that you make sense, witness your successes and struggles, and to hold hope for you when it feels like too much to hold on your own. Our commitment to you is learning and growing alongside you during our work together through a foundation of open communication, safety, trust, and humility. 

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Nutritional Rehabilitation, Changing Behaviors, Challenging and Restructuring Beliefs

From the foundation of trust and safety, we work towards creating an individualized plan to nourish and restore your body through regular, predictable, and adequate nutrition. We teach you how undernourishment and deprivation influences every cell of your body and touches each aspect of your life. You will learn skills to help you move through the emotions that come with stepping outside of your comfort zone. Together, we take steps to shift your relationship with food and your body from a place of self-control to a place of self-compassion. 

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Reclaiming an authentic values driven life

We will support you in understanding your body's true needs, wants, and desires related to food, movement, rest, and self-expression without shame or blame. We focus on meeting these needs unapologetically through principles of Intuitive Eating and social justice initiatives such as fat liberation. While we cannot dismantle all institutional systems of oppression (even though we wish we could!), we can help you reclaim your sense of humanity and sense of worthiness to live a full, embodied, meaningful life. 

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Book a Consultation

Reach out about a free discovery call with one of our providers to learn if we are a good fit for you!

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Happy Clients

“...I have not only made strides towards healing my relationship with food, but also discoveries about myself... Overall, I now feel more empowered when it comes to my decisions around food and the recovery process."

- KM

“Rachel's approach to nutrition therapy has been insightful and validating. Thanks to her, I have had several breakthroughs and "ah-ha” moments in my recovery journey"


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